How can a Teacher BE CERTIFIED?

1) If you are a Yoga teacher with a degree from a EYF Certified School you can join as a member and be part of the Census of Certified Teachers listed in the web with your data. 

2) If you are a Yoga Teacher non recognized by the EYF and would like to obtain a certified degree, you can start the procedures.


1) The Yoga teachers qualified from a certified EYF schools can send their personal information to be listed in the web, filling in the appropriate Application.

2) The Yoga teachers non-qualified by a EYF certified schools can send the curriculum giving details of his/her trayectory & experience, to start the procedures wich will allow them to obtain the certification. Information to be sent to:  





Jadranko Miklec


Jadranko Miklec, Vicepresident of European Yoga Federation, started practicing yoga and martial arts from childhood and 1978 he started to teach yoga and karate. Jadranko Miklec is autor of five books and DVD on yoga. Books and DVD are accepted by library of Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, India (An autonomus organisation under Deptt. Of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Health &F.W., Govt of India). Jadranko Miklec practices and teaches Yoga in Europe and other continents (India – Kanpur) already for 30 years, he is also master of Martial arts (karate). For 27 years he is teacher of Transcendental Meditation and for 16 years teacher of  Maharishi Vedic Science. Jadranko was organizing and conducting many International World Peace Assemblies in Croatia. Knowledge about Yoga Jadranko gained from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, A.G. Mohan – direct disciple of Shri T. Krishnamacharya, Maharishi Swami Dev Murti, other Yogacharyas and his own insights which he gained trough the long practice and discovering deeper understanding of Yoga. Jadranko has also experience with the application of Yoga and Ayurveda to sport and he was yoga trener of one of the most popular tenis player in the world. Also Jadranko was teaching yoga to companies in Croatia like IBM and Ericsson Nikola Tesla. For teaching yoga Jadranko is cooperating with Maharishi Akademie Für Vedische Wissenschaft  
Phone +385959147314 mobitel:00385959147314




Emy Blesio
Yogacârini Pandit Gayatri Devi

President of the:
International Yog Confederation, Delhi, India
The World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines
 WORLD.M.I.F.A.World Movement Indian Fine Arts
Suryanagara, International Yoga school 
Creator & Art Director of the:
Great Indian Festival: East meets West - Forum Assago, Milan, Italy 
Ambassador of:
World.M.Y.A. World Movement Yoga & Ayurveda
Advisor Member of:

Women International Network (WIN) - New Delhi  India
Tel. + 39 02 89150917
  mobile + 39 338 3116126 


Amadio Bianchi

Swami Suryananda Saraswati

World Movement for Yoga
European Yoga Federation
Scuola Internazionale di Yoga e Ayurveda C.Y.Surya
Vice President
International Yog Confederation Delhi 
General Coordinator
World Movement for Ayurveda
Official Italian Confederation of Yoga
The World Community of Indian Culture and Traditional Disciplines 
Founder Member
European Ayurveda Association
International Editorial Advisory Board’s Member
Indian Journal of Ancient Medicine and Yoga Delhi 
+39 335 68 24 330  


Roberto Mattei


Founder & president of the "Cultural Association Science & Art Garbha Yoga". Trainer of Yoga Teachers. Expert in Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga & Integral Yoga.
In constant collaboration with official institutions, with the aim of expanding the Yoga he has organized throughout the years meetings in Europe with masters like  Swami Chidananda, Swami Ramaswarupananda and Sri Sri Sri Satchidananda.
Mobile: +39 335 8249114  / +39 338  5461384  


Krisna Das


Krishna Das is a master of Nada Yoga and Mantra Yoga. He is a master of Sitar and other Indian musical instruments, such as Surbahar, Saranghi, Harmonium etc. Widely known and appreciated both in India and in Europe, where he gives concerts during six months per year, he devote his life to music, transfusing in it a deep sense of joy and inner enchantment. He is a connoisseur and an interpreter of the ancient Veda philosophy. He is a composer of transcendental music. 
Awarded " 
Artist for Peace - Assisi 2002 " by United Artists for Peace.
+39 349 2221962


Maurizio Dickman


Maurizio Dickmann was born in Rome ( Italy ) on 1945 ; he worked in Alitalia Airlines as organizer of Pope’s flights in the world , travelling with Pope Giovanni Paolo II many times ( about 60 travels) . He learned Yoga from a great Yogacharya , the belgian Andrè Van Lysebeth ; He teachs Yoga from 30th years as Yogacharya Eknathananda and is cooperating with the Yoga European Confederation of Amadio Bianchi and the Garbha-Yoga center of Roberto Mattei

(Anandashiva) in Rome for the creation of new teachers of yoga . In particularly he likes the study of oriental and occidental religious tradition to see differences or common points of view with particular riferement to christian tradition . Is it possible te read him on his Blog : where hi touchs different items as : Christian Alkemy ; Harha Yoga ; Raja Yoga ; Kabal ; Theology ; Art’s and Monument’s Meditation , Subtile body’ fisiology , ecc...ecc...

Mobile: +39 3394094629

Roberto Milletti

Roberto’s first approach to oriental arts began with Japanese martial arts in 1973.
Only in 1979 he became acquainted with Yoga and he soon devoted himself to this discipline.
After some year of practice with Master Edoardo Granone (who was in turn a direct pupil of SELVARAJAN YESUDIAN – 1st patriarch of Yoga in Europe) he became its first instructor, by individually training himself in Hatha Yoga. He also deepened other branches of Yoga during his stays in Orient. In particular:
- BAKTHI YOGA in 1985 at Vrindavana, India.
- RAJA YOGA in 1990 at the school of the abbot Tellambure Ananda Thero, Sri Lanca.
- in Austria at the SHIVANANDA centers, in 1993.
Beside, the Zen in the MYORENJI monastery of Kyoto, Japan.
At the end of Nineties, thanks to his background and to his experience, he founded the Contemporary Yoga.
+39068074666 Mobile +393478733047 




H.H. Jagat Guru Amrta Suryananda Maha Raja


Founder and President of the Yoga Portuguese Confederation, and Yoga Sámkhya Institute; Yoga practitioner for over 41 years; is the author of Chakra Sútra - the 7 main Chakra of Yoga (1985), and Sámkhya, Cosmogenesis and Yoga – beyond Hydrogen (1986). Founder of OMKÁRA - Choir and Orchestra of Mantra, and PASHUPATI - Advanced Traditional Yoga Demonstrators. His Grand Internal Yoga Master is the Adi Guru Lord Shiva; the live Master that most influenced him was Svámin Krshnánandaji Sarasvatí of Shivánanda Áshrama – rshikesh; and his other big reference is the Mahá Shakti who unveiled herself in 1917 in Fátima, Portugal - the Bright Lady transmitted the urgent stop of bloodshed amongst the Humanity.Mahá Rája is the head of the Yoga Teaching Graduation Program, always with
a high stand of world excellency, and teaches the complete Yoga Training Program for Yoga Instructors in 6 years = 4.500 training hours, Yoga. Teachers in 10 years, and Yoga Masters in a total of 14 years. In 2001, he proposed to UN and UNESCO the creation of the First Global Day– Ecumenical Day, Inter Ethnic, Inter Religious, and Inter Cultural - on the Solstice, June 21st – which is also the Yoga World’s Day – a Fraternal. Day - 24 hours without bloodshed in the whole World, a Day for the Enlightenment of Humanity, for the preservation of the Ecosystems, and the human-Cosmic conscience.

Tel: +351 217 802 810 



Mayte Criado 

Director of the INTERNATIONAL YOGA SCHOOL in Spain; President of Spanish Professional Yoga Federation; founder of ENCUENTROS DE YOGA "SURYA" and the "Studies of Sound, Yoga & Hindu Music Association". Member of the Executive Board of the World Movement of Yoga. Spain's representative of the World Community of Indian Culture & Traditional Disciplines. Trainer of Yoga teachers. Musician and Singer of Hindu chants. 
Specialized in Nada & Mantra Yoga.
Tel. 0034 91 416 68 81 – 0034 91 309 36 07


Yogacârya Mimoun Abdel-Lah

President of "Asociacion de Profesores de Yoga Comunitarios". Adviser & founder member of the Spanish Federation of Proffesional Yoga. Founder of the National Sakuratakekan Association.
Yogacârya & Karate Master(Sensei 9° Dan)

Telefono  (+34) 923 230 839