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The connection with the vibration

by Amadio Bianchi

Motion equal vibration, vibration equal sound. I read this statement into a physics book. If in our universe, therefore, everything moves, so everything vibrates. And if everything vibrates, the universe has got his sound that is the sum of the heavenly bodies sound.
So, physics agrees with philosophical religious interpretations which establish sound as primary principle. Think of induism and Om sound or of our religious culture’s “At the beginning was the Word” .
The most reliable indian philosophical movements establish that man (microcosm) is made of the same substance of God (macrocosm), as a result, we can study human components and reactions to understand the universal ones.
If someone undergoes an electroencephalogram, we can see the following reactions: with cerebtal activity that is the reveal of vibrations, in short, the instrument needle changes into visible graphic signs. In this article, we want to examine an aspect of this phenomenon. If we put a subject in ideal conditions of cerebral activity’s reduction, on an empty stomach, in a silent and colourless room, if he closes his eyes, and then we put an apple in front of him and we exhort him to open his eyes, we observe that, as soon as the subject sees the apple and starts a primordial cerebral activity, that is his first desire to eat it, the needle moves. I want to prove that the desire of eating the apple that precedes the action itself is already a vibrational reality. The indian culture states that the desire of giving birth to the manifestation by the transcendental is already an absolutely concrete activity, a primary vibration expressed by the trascendental itself, as the desire into the mind of the man who sees the apple. This vibration is the Om. The Om precedes the manifestation’s expression. It is like to say that this vibration is betweenthe idea and his materialization or his put into practice.
This is why yoga lessons start singing the Om. To make pupils able to suggest to themselves that they are at least between the material and the trascendental, between the touchable manifestation and God and to start examinating phenomenon from that point of view. Yoga, in fact, aims at the trascendental experience and with the Om is like if we decide to find our rightful place on a space platform between man and God, between the spiritual and the physical. From this platform we can hazard the supposition of a journey towards the superhuman experience.
Now, let’s see other Om’s aspects. It represents the total of all sounds that are in the manifestation. The Sanskrit language thought to gather together in 50 sounds the universal vibrations’ typology, giving birth to the same number of graphic signs that correspond to the alphabet’s letters. Three of these letters, that later will become two, and we’ll see how, practically include all of them.
These sounds correspond to the letters A U M. From a practical point of view the letter A, when is pronounced, and you try to do it, has a physical placing that is low in the throat, the letter U is in the middle of the palate and the letter M on the lips. All other sounds are placed in the oral cavity in these three positions, that include all of them, assuming his right value of universal synthesis.
Here is what Om represents: the universal synthesis of the divine physical vibration expressed. 
The starting poin is always the awareness of the manifold, then comes the identification of expressions that can be gather together, in the attempt, simplifying, to get the experience of the One. Also in this case, the infinite variety of sounds in the Universe is organized into 50 letters-sounds, to then identify three of them that represent all of them, and, at last, to find that the A and the U, if pronounced together, can easily be contracted in the O sound. So the sacred syllable Om, that expresses the universal vibration, principle of manifestation, takes on a definite shape.
For the same presupposition a basic Om would result from the sum of all sounds that particles, active inside us, emit. A kind of personal sound for each being or living object, its caracteristic, its tendency and vibrational sensibility. We reasonably think that this sound can be modified. Here we find mantra science, that aims to graft changing processes, new determining charactreistics.
The word Mantra, litterally means instrument for the mind, and it is something that can induce a different vibrational nature.
As we said at the beginning, mind emits different kinds of vibration. It certainly  happened to you to enter in some places where the presence of the people’s low quality thoughts made yourselves to feel ill at ease. The kind of vibration that a killer’s mind emits is very different from the kind of a mother to her baby. You can notice it also in practice: the mother’s voice has shrill, high and acute tones, certainly of a higher nature. Of a different quality are cerebral waves, in fact, that she emits.
From this starting presupposition, mantra establishes that we can practice, voluntarily, different kinds of cerebral waves, and, through the obsessive repetition, we can even modify the natural ones. The aim is to induce the better ones, so that the mind will get the habit to have thoughts of the same nature.
This is what mantra proposes, in some case, it has the claim to bring the mind to vibrate in unison with God.

By Amadio Bianchi