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Ambassador for India and Eastern Countries
Swati Chaudhuri
Swati started practising yoga at a young age. Being a true believer of how physical activities help with staying healthy, preventing illnesses and maladies, plus adding equanimity to life, she expanded her experience by becoming an avid swimmer and kickboxer, later in life. Apart from her eclectic and rather varied academic qualifications, she is also an established photographer. She learnt the art of darkroom work, developing and printing many of her own photographs. She has also sold her photograph at Sotheby’s Milan auction for charity. Her quest for new experiences took her from India to Indonesia where she became an English Language & Literature teacher. She then took the decision to leave Asia and went on to France where she pursued her work as an English teacher, and, also assisted instructors and practitioners of Yoga. In 2013, Swati founded a non-profit organisation, Geosatis Trust, in India. Its mission is to help underprivileged children and youth build self-esteem through combat sports and mental resilience through Yoga. This is to encourage the disenfranchised reach their true potential and move towards self-upliftment. Finally, she reached Italy where she is presently living. Swati devotes her time to practising Yoga and Tai Chi, to being a Medical Yoga Therapist and healer, and, essentially, to being an educator.
Swati’s life-experiences make her a true scholar, researcher, and advocate, of diverse cultures and philosophies. She is a determined supporter not only of meditation, Medical Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, but of other complementary and alternative medicine and approaches, that ascertain spiritual, mental, and physical health. She founded Om & Yoga therapy in 2020. In the last year, she became the editor-advisor of a medical yoga journal/newspaper published by Medical Yoga Centre, Delhi. Since the beginning of her career, academics and research has been at the centre of her life. She learns from the great annals of philosophers, scribes, linguists, artists, scientists, doctors, in 2 or 3 different languages.
Having one foot in Europe and the other in India helps her stay conversant with the policies and mandates being established by the Ministry of AYUSH and in universities offering qualifications in Yoga, in India. Her aspiration is to spread awareness of the true essence of Yoga, its benefits for a healthy body, a tranquil mind, and a peaceful soul.