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Amelia Devī Rozzi
Yoga teacher and Holistic Practitioner
Yoga teacher and Holistic Practitioner (massage therapist and naturopath). Direct student of Master Amadio Bianchi (Swami Suryananda Saraswati) and Swami Ramaswarupananda (DLS).
Founder and President of Artemisia asd – The Art in Harmony and Wellbeing, located in Lanciano (Italy), that periodically also deals with organizing thematic meetings with various masters and with the help of various artists to experience the union between Yoga and Art: theatre, singing, music.
She has always been a curious traveller, scholar, a lover and researcher of the foundations of different cultures, ancient traditions, philosophical concepts, forms of language and artistic expressions... among the favourite quotes: "The most fascinating journey is within oneself", and the famous Gandhi’s "BE the change you want to see in the world".

Holistic Therapist for over 20 years; she is expert in: Holistic Massage having achieved the Qualification in Holistic Massage, Anatomy and Physiology by the Massage Training Institute in London (U.K), Sports Massage by the “School of Sport CONI”and A.I.M.S. and “D’Annunzio University” in Chieti, Bioenergetic baby Massage (Gentle Butterfly touch) Eva Reich’s technique awarded by the Reich’s Institute of Rome, and Ayurvedic Massage. She is also a Qualified Naturopath by the EFOA (European Federation of Oriental Arts) in Rome.
She completed the 4-year-yoga training course held by master Amadio Bianchi thanks to him she met numerous Ayuverdic doctors and Yoga masters from all over the world who enriched her knowledge with several point of views (ekam sat viprā bahudhā vadanti - Rg Veda). Mainly the meeting with Swami Ramaswarupanada will mark deeply her path and during her Indian stays she begins a spiritual search.
During her Indian journeys she starts to enter in the depth of this ancient and wise discipline searching for this unifying Knowledge. She is keeping on studying insight: Yogasana, Integral Yoga, ancient text (Bhagavad Gītā, Yoga Sūtra etc.) and Vedanta.
During her classes she promotes a structured integral view of Yoga accessible to any age and stage in life: from birth to old age. She had also collaborated with schools to promotes and educate students and teachers. Joining forces with a neurologist specialized in Parkinson’s disease, she created special classes tailored on this specific need, she experienced and received also an encouraging feedback on the diverse beneficial effects of Yoga on people effected by Parkinson’s disease.
Currently she is immersed in studying Sanskrit.

Tel. +39 347 8686360

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Christine Henss
Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Teacher
· First contact with Yoga at the age of 17
· Continous practice since 2002
· Intensive YTT in 2007 at Yoga Vidya, Bad Meinberg, Germany
· Advanced Trainings in Vedanta, Hormon Yoga, Kundalini Yoga,
  Vinyasa Flow, PavanmuktAsana, Yoga Nidra and Yoga Therapy
· Since 2019 : Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Ayurveda Teacher Training
  with Amadio Bianchi Svami Suryananda Saraswati, C.Y. Surya (a.o. Founder
  of the European Yoga Federation)
Yoga to me is to be grounded in the body while aligning with the higher self.
This is why I put the emphasis on awarenss and on the meditative and
introspective aspect during my classes.
My aim is also to enhance self-acceptance and self-love and thus create a place
of peace in the inner and the outer world …
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Daniela Laudani
Hatha Yoga teacher
I discovered yoga when I was 17 years old  in Catania (Sicily - Italy), and from that moment, yoga has accompanied me throughout my life. I lived abroad a long time, I worked at the Italian Cultural Institute in Bratislava, Slovak Republic where I had the opportunity to work in an international team to organize several projects and conferences. The international environment and the frequent travel trip made me able to practice different stiles with different teachers. I have worked closely with the East Europe (Czech, Slovak, Polish, Hungarian) Universities and Educational Institutions. After my return to Italy I started travelling abroad (Australia, Thailand, Indonesia and to India) developing a deeper knowledge of Indian culture and Yoga different interpretations.
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I practiced with several teacher, in Rome (Iyengar), Bratislava (Yoga Darshana), Budapest (yoga studio) and Prague (Dum Yogi) where he studied Zen meditation with Sri Lankan community. I spent long periods in India, mainly in Mysore (Yogadarshanam) to learn elements of Ashtanga yoga and Mumbai (Yogatherapy). Always I still follow  my first yoga teacher, Francesca Zuco, in Catania (Viniyoga).
I practiced with Philippa Ashley (Ashtanga), Jadranko Miklec (vedic teachings), Janet Stone (Goa Yoga Festival), Amy Laundry, Antonio Nuzzo, Willy Van Lysebeth (Italy), Andrè Riehl (france). I studied with Mark Stevens (Yoga adjustments) in Prague and with other famous teachers studying different styles of yoga. In December 2014 I spent a month in Kerala to study Yoga and Ayurveda links. In December 2015 I was in Rishikesh and Amritsar (India) to deep my knowledge of traditional Hatha yoga and to study Mantra chanting in Devi Ashram.  I practiced in South Africa with Yoga works, studying technics for introducing yoga in International Companies. I went to Sydney for training in Mantra chanting. In Cagliari, I follow the training school of Yoga, Ayurveda and Yogatherapy C. Y. Surya of Amadio Bianchi as part of the staff.

In 2020 I concluded the Post Graduate Master of II level in University  La Sapienza in Rome, Faculty of Psychology in "Mindfulness: pratics, clinics and neurosciencies “.

Personal Contact Details
Address: Via Versilia 12, Cagliari, Italy
Mobile: 0039 329 6522902/3935553133

Employment History
Work experience:
From 2008: Hatha Yoga teacher, Cagliari
In this period, I
    • organize Yoga Workshops and Seminars
    • run regular courses of Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Yoga including Meditation lessons
    • give private lessons and follow some students with specific programs of Yoga Therapy
    • Give lessons of Yin Yoga
    • Regular meditation courses

200 hours Ashthanga teacher training – Mysore Yoga Alliance recognised
500 hours  Asthanga teacher training – Mysore Yoga Alliance recognised
600 hours  Hatha Yoga Teacher training with Amadio Bianchi – Swami Suryananda Saraswati (Italy)
200 hours Thai yoga teacher training  - Bangkok – Thailand
200 hours Yin Yoga teacher Training – London
Back School- Metodo Tosi - Siracusa
OLIT Training Olistico (ric. CONI) - Rome
30 hours Aerial yoga training – London

Post degree Second Level Master in Mindfulness, Neurosciences and Meditation – University La Sapienza  - Rome

Workshops held
2015: Yoga for back pain (Cagliari)
2016: Assisted asanas (Ozieri  - Sardinia)
2016: Yoga for couples (Oristano Sardinia)
2016: Sardinian Yoga Festival – Story telling with gong yoga
2017: Yoga for couples – Bergamo
2018: Anathomy of Yoga – Cagliari and Bergamo
2019: Effectiveness of Yoga in Vata management - Ahmedabad

Additional experience and qualification

Italian – native speaker
Slovak - excellent 
English – excellent – FCE and examinee at the University of Charles – Prague – Czech Republic
Spanish – intermediate (examinee both at the University of Catania – Italy – Language and Literature, and at the University of Charles)
French – elementary
Russian – elementary

Personal and professional references available on request
Translated books:

Preklad umeleckeho textu –A.  Popovic
Slovnik imunologie – J. Rovensky
Namestie v Mahringu – A. Hykkysh

Sloboda, Rankov, Hvorecky, Hykkish, and other contemporary Slovak authors for newspapers, artistic reviews and publications

I also translated different articles of yoga techniques for local use in Italy and for publishing in India

Taliancina na cesty
Taliancina krok za krokom
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Sara Ghisaura
Yoga Teacher – Ayurvedic Massage Therapist
Sara discovered yoga in London when she was living here at the age of 25. When she moved back to Sardinia she graduated with her diploma from the International School of Yoga & Ayurveda, Milan, under the teaching of Amadio Bianchi in 2011.

2019 Create a new syllabus of yoga for sport “Yogaball” collaborating with football club like Juventus:
Sara discovered yoga in London when she was living here at the age of 25. When she moved back to Sardinia she graduated with her diploma from the International School of Yoga & Ayurveda, Milan, under the teaching of Amadio Bianchi in 2011.

2019 Create a new syllabus of yoga for sport “Yogaball” collaborating with football club like Juventus:

2008-2011 Teachers Course in Yoga under Master Amadio Bianchi (Mahamandaleshwara Swami Suryananda Saraswati) President of World Movement for Yoga European Federation; President of International School of Yoga & Ayurveda C.Y. Surya; Vice Presidente International Yoga Confederation Delhi;
General Co-ordinator of World Movement For Ayurveda Official Italian Confederation of Yoga; Ambassador to The World Community of Indian Culture and Traditional Diciplines;

2011 Sara trained in Yoga for Children in Cagliari, Sardinia at the Italian
Association for Children’s Yoga (A.I.Y.B) graduating with a diploma for
Children’s Yoga in association with the Medittarranean Federation
of Yoga.

2010 Diploma in Ayurvedic Massage under master Amadio Bianchi
(Mahamandaleshwara Swami Suryananda Saraswati).

Sara teaches Hatha Yoga and Yogaball in London and collaborate with Amadio Bianchi’s school of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy.

Tel. 0044 7414 295 391

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Nina Jain
Traditional Yoga Teacher
Dr. Nina Jain
1. Since 1999, she is practicing Traditional Yoga which is a subtle & spiritual practice with a goal of union with the absolute or divine (Shri Vishnu).It also ensures the practice of living a tranquil life. It contains asana (yoga postures) pranayama (breath control), pratyahara (sense control), dharana (concentration) and dyanana (meditation).
2. In 2010, she has learnt Sahaja Yoga Mediation “spontaneous union with one’s self”, where subtle system of channels (nadis) and centers of energy (chakras) helped balance her physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual well-being. It has helped her experience the reality of her own energy. The self-realization is attained through Kundalini awakening and it’s a process which starts to develop by itself when the Kundalini rises and start to nourish the chakras.
3. She has been teaching Sahaj Yoga meditation to graduate and post graduate students since 2012 in Indore, M.P., India.
4. Since 2018, she started practicing Surya Namaskar yoga – “Salute to the sun”, which is a flow sequence of 12 gracefully linked ultimate asana. It strengthen your back and muscles, bring down sugar level, improves metabolism, blood circulation and minimizes women related ailments.
5. In 2019, as part of continuous growth and learning process she has mastered Yog Nidra – a yogic sleep (going to sleep stage) with a relaxed brain activity, slow alpha waves and even slower theta waves which produces deep relaxation, help relieves stress and are entry point to the subconscious mind.
6. Professionally, she is BBA, MBA & PhD in Human Resource Management, has 25 years’ work experience in manufacturing sector – Textile/Pharma/ service/ not for profit /education sector.
7. In 2016 she has commenced her own company “Ginni Aventura” which provides professional HR and Cross Functional Services to Small and Medium Enterprises (manufacturing and IT Industry),and helping them in designing and development of HR functional plan & systems, SOPs and Systems linked with Businesses Strategy etc. She is Certified PBAS (Partnership Broker and Stakeholders) facilitator and trainer from ODI & Prince of Wales, London, UK, and Certified Internal auditor for ISO 9K, 14K and 18k , Organic, Fair trade, GOTS etc. Her accolades include 10 Research papers in Management field.
8. Since July 2020, she has been appointed as Secretary for General Secretariat-United Consciousness, which reflects on the concept of physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.

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