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Bosnia and Hercegovina (B&H)
Amra Kubat - Representative
Born in Sarajevo, on 25th of January 1979.
Phone: +387 62 832 308
2001.-2005. Seminars of Aerobic and Pilates in Sarajevo, Belgrade and Zagreb.
03.2011. Homeopathy workshop, I level with Lana Milavić, President of Homeopathy Association of BiH
08.2014. Yoga school Sombor, 21 days Fabijan Periškić, teacher
12.2014. Yoga seminar Jadranko Miklec, teacher of yoga, Transcendental meditation and Vedas knowledge
03.2015. Usui Reiki  Amela Suljić Zarzaca, teacher
01.2017. Karuna Reiki  Amela Suljić Zarzaca, teacher
04.2015. Seminar of Qi Gonga  Miloš Ninković, teacher
06.2015. Seminar of selfhypnosis and autosuggestion.  Darko Trajković, hypnoteraphist
04.2016. Shamanism, I level  Ševko Bajić, shaman
12.2016. Transcendental meditation, I level  Džejna Hadžić, teacher
04.2017. Shamanism, II level  Ševko Bajić, shaman
04.2018. Yoga seminar, 7 days.
Phool Chatti Ashram, Rishikesh, India
04.2018. Yin Yoga Anatomy and Self-Therapy Intensive course
Himalayan Yoga Retreat, Rishikesh, India
12.2018. Heal Your Life teacher program by Louise Hay.
01.2019. BARS seminar by Biserka Horvatin.
10.2019. YTTC500h, Yoga Alliance, RYA, Rishikesh, India
for Hatha and Ashtanga yoga teachers
01.2020. Soul Retrieval education for teachers by Ševko Bajić.
07.2020. Yoga Therapy, 7 days seminar
Jadranko Miklec, teacher of yoga, Transcendental
meditation and Vedas knowledge
01.2021. KIDS Yoga by Udemy
2005. – 2015. Owner of Sport studio No.1, Sarajevo for
Pilates, Yogilates and Aerobics
04.06.2015. – 07.06.2015. Brahma Kumaris Retreat, Iž, Hrvatska
Conducted Hatha yoga classes for 60 participants.
28.08.2015. – 30.08.2015. Organize my I Yoga Retreat, Podstrana, Hrvatska,
for 10 participants.
03.09.2015. – 13.09.2015. Yoga Holiday, Krf, Grčka
Conducted Hatha yoga classes for 10 participants.
18.08.2016. – 28.08.2016. Yoga Holiday, Rodos, Greece
Organized Yoga holiday for 12 participants.
2016. - Owner of „Transformacija“ Association, Sarajevo
2016. - Organized Yoga Retreats: Treskavica, Pecka, Herceg Novi,
Ustikolina, Bjelašnica, Hum - BiH.
2019. - Organize and lead Heal Your Life workshops
in Sarajevo and Belgrade.
2019. - Javorwood Festival, yoga and meditation classes.
2020. - Organize and lead Yoga school 200h/300h/500h,
under license Yoga Alliance and RYA, India.
2021. - Organize and lead Reiki school of Light, Sarajevo.

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Stefan Ilchev - Representative
He has been practicing yoga since 2003.
In 2005 he completed training for yoga instructors at National Sports Academy (NSA) "Vassil Levski" and Bulgarian Yoga Federation  In 2013 he completed a training course for yoga teachers at the Kaivalyadhama Institute, India.  Since 2006 he has been in the management of Bulgarian Yoga Federation, he was deputy.  Chairman and Chairman of the Board.
Organizer and participant in number of national yoga seminars and training courses for yoga teachers.  Follower of the classical yoga described in the texts Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, Hatha Pradipika, Gheranda Samhita.  Doctor, specialist in internal medicine and nephrology.

Jadranko Miklec - Representative
Yogacharya, Yoga and Ayurveda therapist, teacher of Transcendental Meditation and Maharishi's Vedic Science, Vanaushadhi Bhishagacharya (Herbal Scientist), President of Institute for Yoga and Ayurveda „SUN“.
Jadranko Miklec teaches Yoga in Europe, America and other continents (India, China). He gained knowledge about Yoga from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, A.G. Mohan – direct disciple of Shri T. Krishnamacharya, Maharishi Swami Dev Murti, Yogacharya Dr. Mukund Bhole, other Yogacharyas and his own insights which he gained trough the long practice and discovering deeper understanding of Yoga. He wrote 6 books about yoga. Also he has experience with the application of Yoga and Ayurveda to sport (tenis, football, diver, yudo, volley-ball, etc.).

For teaching yoga Jadranko is cooperating with Maharishi Akademie Für Vedische Wissenschaft; Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ayurveda; Hochschulsport – Institut für Sportiwssendchaft der Universitӓt Tübingen in Germany; Morarji Desai National Institute of Yoga, India; The Lonavla Yoga Institute – India; BPCA'S College of Physical Education Mumbai; Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University, College of Physical Education Pune; Savitribai Phule Pune University; European Yoga Federation and World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda; Centenary College New Jersey (USA) and Academy for Living Healthy in America.

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Marco Bianco - Delegate
Marco is the Advisor for Croatia at the European Yoga Council, member of European Yoga Federation and International Advisor of the World Yoga Council.
He first meets eastern philosophies in the mid 80’s and, since then, in his rich life experience, he had the opportunity to meet and work with many great teachers of many different traditions.
Marco received his education in yoga from Carlo Patrian, the teacher who, after spending many years in India in contact with the most renowned yoga teachers of the19th and 20th centuries, received the honorary title of “Yoga Ratna” and was the first person who brought yoga to Italy in the late 50-ies.
Marco, after several years of study in direct contact with his teacher and mentor Carlo, received the diploma of Yoga Teacher in Milan at Carlo’s “Istituto Yoga”.

Marco travelled all around the world, from middle-est to India, from Africa to America and, through his researches, he came into contact with a variety of styles and traditions, such as Iyengar Yoga, Shivananda Yoga and his favorite Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga.

Marco moved to Croatia in 2005, where he was invited to teach at Nava Yoga Center as a "senior teacher". At Nava he developed the first Croatian training program for yoga teachers according to the high international standards of European Yoga Federation, Yoga Alliance and International Yoga Federation. Later, in 2007, at Sangha Yoga Center, he worked as co-director of the studio and as director of Gaia Yoga teacher training.

In early 2012, he opened the Pink Elephant Yoga House with his wife Petra and, with her, created a new program for yoga teachers called Pink Elephant Yoga Institut. The Institute is registered by the European Yoga Federation and recognized by the "World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda" and "World Yoga and Ayurveda Community”.

Marco is often invited to teach as guest teacher in many different countries. He constantly collaborates with many teachers and, in particularly with Swami Suryananda (Amadio Bianchi) with whom is bound by a profound respect and a long term friendship.

+385 91 411 79 11

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Françoise Barbira Freedman - Representative
Françoise Barbira Freedman is the founder of Birthlight, a UK registered Charity that uses yoga foundations to enhance wellbeing for ‘pregnancy, birth and beyond’, in the lives of women and new families.
She’s an expert and innovator in the areas of prenatal and postnatal yoga, yoga with babies, well woman yoga, and in aquatic adaptations of yoga in water parenting, aquanatal yoga and aqua yoga for women’s health. She coordinates Birthlight ( with the help of colleagues and trustees and she organises regular research conferences ( Over 6000 yoga teachers have trained with Birthlight throughout the world.

Françoise was born and raised in central France before being fast-tracked to the elite state education system in Paris.  She did her PhD in Social Anthropology at Cambridge, where she developed her research and teaching career while starting to teach yoga to groups of pregnant women and new mothers and babies. Long periods of fieldwork in the Upper Amazon impacted her transition to motherhood and inspired her to use her yoga and swimming skills towards the creation of embodied practices for maternity and early parenting.

Over four decades, Françoise has continued to interlace her academic and Birthlight activities, that are inseparable in her life. As a senior yoga teacher, she has deepened her skills as a yoga therapist (C-IAYT) to promote women’s wellness through the life cycle. As a mother of four grown up children and now a grandmother, caring for her family has been a constant main inspiration. She is still involved with Amazonian indigenous people. Whether directly or indirectly, all her books promote greater respect for their wisdom and for the environment that sustain their lives.

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Tarja Helena Maria Kallio-Tamminen - Representative
Born  in Hyvinkää, Finland. Post address: Hanhilahdentie 85,  Fin-02510 Oitmäki, Finland
Phone +358503801094
B.Sc. degree in physics, University of Helsinki, 1979.
M.Sc. degree in high energy physics, University of Helsinki, 1983. Thesis: EPR-paradox
Lis.Phil. degree in theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki, 1994. Thesis: Niels Bohr – reconstructing the Physical Worldview.
Ph.D. degree in theoretical philosophy, University of Helsinki, 2004.
Thesis: Quantum Metaphysics. The Role of Human Beings within the Paradigms of Classical and Quantum Physics.

Dr Tarja Kallio-Tamminen is a physicist and philosopher occupied by the nature of reality and the potential that is contained within human beings. She has focused on the implications of quantum physics and on consciousness studies searching their relations also with ideas originating from Eastern philosophy. Kallio-Tamminen runs a philosophy practice (KalpaTaru) whose yoga philosophy and -psychology draws extensively on the teachings of Patanjali, Satyananda Saraswati and Hiroshi Motoyama. Presently she is delved in co-operation with neuroscientists developing EEG-guided meditation.
The benefits of this approach has provided tools like ‘BrainMind Audit’ which allows to show the objective results meditation practices do have on various brain functions and the ‘Self-Me-I’ index that is able to monitor the results of long-term meditation on different aspects of the self.

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Yogi Andre ji - André Riehl - Representative
Practices Yoga since the age of 11
By the age of 24, he first stayed in a monastery in the Himalayas, before wandering along the roads of India, meeting many traditional masters with whom he sometimes stayed, studying very specific teachings from classical as well as tantric yoga practices. After some searching years, meeting Kashmiri Babu, a wandering ascetic from the Shaïva tradition, he undergone a deep study retreat into the spiritual quest.
Also very touched by his meetings with J.Krishnamurti and Sri Ananda Mayee Ma, he studied two other important aspects of the inner path, related to these two great instructors: discrimination and relationship.
   It is the final encounter with Chandra Swami, an ascetic from the Brahmanic lineage of the Udasins, which will give a full sense to all the teachings studied before.

     Back to France, he studied several years the art of teaching Yoga through the points of view of four different schools: Swami Shivananda, Lucien Ferrer (Yoga of Energy), Nil Haoutoff and Sri T.K.V. Desikachar before becoming himself a teacher.

Author of « Le Prince des Forêts », a French adaptation of the Râmayâna, of two video cassettes on “Yoga Traditionnel ” and two  CD’s of Sanskrit chantings « Mantra Sadhana » and « Vâkya », he also translated 8 books on the inner quest.
Nominated President of the French Fédération des Yoga Traditionnels in 1992, he opened seven Yoga Training Schools (Toulouse, Paris, Bretagne, Bourgogne, Le Mans, Suisse and Luxemburg).

He is currently in charge of Somapa, a yoga study centre in south of France, Prana Bindu, a yoga retreat centre for long time study sessions in Ujjain - Madhya Pradesh (central India), and 7 nidrâ yoga training schools in Luxemburg- Germany, Holland, Finland, Morocco, Switzerland, Romania and France .

     Near to those activities, he participates in the creation of two important international alternative fairs in Paris, Vivre et Travailler Autrement (Fair of Social Alternatives and Solidarities), and Santé Autrement (Fair of Natural Medical Practices and Traditional Healings) as the “Quality Manager” for  ten years.

     Having written many articles for yoga magazines, invited to radio and television programs, as well as national and international cultural meetings.

     Willing to participate in the transmission of the ancestral yogic tradition, he teaches authentic yoga practices where old classic knowledge meets contemporary human discoveries, through a whole system of classes, seminars, training programs, retreats and studying trips in traditional places of India.

    In this direction, the teachings are a vast complex of different practices helping to build a holistic mind including all aspects of our life and our identity: bodywork and energetical dynamism, development of conscious and natural breathings, study of the different relaxation levels and dream consciousness, intuition awakening and development of concentration degrees, mastered widening of the senses, Sanskrit chanting and inner silences, study of traditional yoga scriptures.

For the last 15 years, André has been spreading the teaching across Europe, Middle East, South America, North Africa, Australia and Far East
Currently in charge of 2 international Yoga Retreats Prana Bindu in Ujjain (India) and Somapa in Avignon (France), he his leading retreats in several countries and teaching programs for several institutions and Universities

More actual presentation (2019)

- Disciple of Chandra Swami Udddasin from Dehra Dun
- President of FYT (Fédération des Yoga Traditionnels), ex administrator of FIDHY. (Federation inter Tradition de Hatha Yoga)
- Certified Yoga Teacher from  FNEY  Fédération Nationale des Enseignants de Yoga– France
- Honorable Yoga Teacher certified by Yoga Suisse – Switzerland
- Nidrâ Yoga Teacher Trainer for Yoga Suisse recognized by European Yoga Union
- In charge of the training for the International Yoga School  Prana Bindu - Ujjain- India.
- Founder of the study & retreat center  Somapa  - Avignon -France
- Translator and author of videos and CDs of sanskrit chanting, novels and advanced yoga practices
- Founder of an international network for the Teachings and spreading of Nidrâ yoga (Germany, Croatia, Spain, Finland, France, India, Italy, Iran, Japan, Luxembourg, Marocco, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Tunisia, Serbia, Switzerland)
- Professor of Nidrâ Yoga at the Universities of Poona, Ujjain, Jabalpur, Mumbai-India
- Creator of an international internet teaching network
- Member of the Advisory Board of Ujjain Yoga Life Society – India
- Member of World Parliament for Spirituality – Hyderabad – India
- Invited guest at S-Vyasa Yoga University – Bangalore - India
- Official recognition from the Government of India through the Ministry d-ONER and IECSME for the transmission of  nidrâ Yoga
- European guests organizer for the 2016 Kumbha Mela for UYLS - Ujjain
- Founder of the China Nidrâ Network  ( Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu)
- Director of the Nidrâ Yoga International network
- Member of Indian Yoga Association - IYA
- Director of Studies for the European Nidra Teacher training in Bucarest/Romania
- Director of research on the study “ Nidrâ Yog and its effects on the Brain” with the Scientific Neurobiological Department of Pisa University / Italy
- Member of the Communication board of the European union of Yoga

Ph :+33 - 609 175 7 51
André Riehl 326 Route de St Andiol
13630 EYRAGUES - France

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Francesca Krim - Delegate
Initiated into the Tantra Śakta Tradition, she received the invitation to transmit the practices in Europe and around the world.

Born and raised in Sardinia, she currently lives in Paris. For years she has shared her intense experience and her approach to this spiritual path on the occasion of workshops, retreats, international festivals, forums, conferences, yoga and ayurveda schools, individual accompaniments.
Her training and her work in art make her approach full of creativity and passion.
Over time, many people have been touched and inspired by her way of transmitting: the teachings, infused with passion, power and grace, are offered in an accessible, simple and at the same time profound way, in a harmonious relationship of the feminine principle ( Śakti) with the masculin principle (Śiva).
With love and gratitude, Francesca consecrates her life to Śakti Sādhanā and to sharing the wisdom of the Great Goddess (Mahādevī).
For an embodied spirituality that is adoration of the magnificence of being everything.

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Sukadev Volker Bretz - Representative
Sukadev Bretz is founder of Yoga Vidya. He knows wonderfully how to transmit profound wisdom humorously.

His special ability is to movitate Yoga aspirants to practise intensely, to see a higher meaning in daily experiences and to bring more energy and heart into everyday life. Sukadev Bretz is the author of 10 books, among them commentaries on Yoga Sutra and Bhagavad Gita and the recently published “Royal Path to Equanimity”. He is quite active spreading Yoga via the internet in Yoga Videos and Podcasts in English and German.
Sukadev had spiritual experiences from childhood on. As a youngster he was fascinated by the possibilities of the human mind and started with regular Meditation as a teenager. He spent a few times several months in intense meditation and Pranayama.

In 1992 Sukadev founded Yoga Vidya, now one of the leading Yoga movements in Europe. Yoga Vidya has 4 major Ashrams, nearly 100 Yoga centres and 20.000 yoga teachers. Today he lives in Germany, in Horn-Bad Meinberg.
Get inspiration and energy from this dynamic spiritual teacher.

Sybille Schütz
Assistant Sukadev Bretz

Tel. +49-05234-872201

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Aischwarya Devi (Mary Soukoulis) - Representative
Dance Teacher - Choreographer - Yoga Instructor, Spiritual Life Coach, Alternative Therapist

Contact at:
Mob.: +30 6948 257 099

Aischwarya Devi, born by the name of Mary Soukoulis,is an experienced dancer ,choreographer,founder of Yoga Dance System and one of the first Yoga teachers in Greece. At a very young age, at 1981, she met her Guru, Paramahmsa Satyananda. Her teacher initiated her to the spiritual path of Yoga and she received her spiritual name, Aischwarya Devi In 1987 she founded a Ballet school in Chalandri, Athens, where for the following 10 years she often hosted events, inviting several teachers from Greece and from around the world to make presentations on Yoga. Towards the end of 2004 she founded a new school in Athens by the name of Raja Yoga -Anahata Center of Art where she continues to teach different kinds of Yoga (Kriya,Sanjivani,Surya,Raja..)and to offer seminars. While been the creator of the Yoga Dance System she has been officially invited to many international festivals so to present her system in front of a large audience of several well-knowned Yoga Specialists from all over the world. So,at 2012 she presented her system at the Intentional Yoga Festival in Portugal .At 2013 she presented to Yog, Culture and Spirituality International Festival from Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya University in Haridwar,India and again, at 2014 ,she shared her knowledge and inventions through speaks and sessions at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh.
To this end, she is embarking on an important and widely beneficial to the Greek public, collaboration with the autonomous spiritual community Gayatri Paritwar of the University of Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar India.
She has over the years made various presentations and speeches on Greek Television, the radio and relevant magazines, speaking on all the yoga matters she has worked on in depth, in an effort to share her knowledge with the general public, thereby contributing to the betterment of our society and the elevation of the human spirit.

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Amadio Bianchi - Representative
(Mahamandaleshwar Swami Suryananda Saraswati Yogacharya Amadio Bianchi Maharaj)
Is the Founder of the World Yoga and Ayurveda Community, President of the World Movement for Yoga and Ayurveda, of the European Yoga Federation, of the International School of Yoga and Ayurveda C.Y. Surya, Vice President of the International Yog Confederation of New Delhi, a Founding member of the European Ayurveda Association, Advisor of the United Consciousness Global, Member of Global Council of Hindu Leaders, National Coordinator for Italy of the Hindu Acarya Saba.
In January 2014 in Dubai for an important international conference, he was awarded the title of Ambassador of Yoga and Ayurveda.
He operated in Italy, India, Greece, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Croatia, Portugal, Argentina, Romania, Poland, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, U.S.A., Slovakia etc. He is often present in major congresses as a speaker. His numerous books dedicated to yoga and Ayurvedic disciplines are widespread and used in many schools and associations.
Emy Blesio - Representative
Emy Blesio, Mahamandaleshwar Pandit Yogacharini Swami Gayatri Devi, is a Yoga Paripurna schoolmaster and UPF Ambassador for Peace (recognized by the UN), received Honoris Causa doctorate by Techno India University (Kolkata-West Bengal - India), and elected Advisor of the same University .
Her experience  in the Yoga discipline and Indian culture dated since 1965, even she already was very interested in the culture and philosophy of India.
In 2010 she received the "F. Gandhi Simplicity Award" at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in New Delhi, India.
Emy Blesio is Patron of the "Women International Network Award", for Peace and non-violence, and  member forever of the World Peace Development & Research Foundation. Noida UP, India.
In Italy she is Member of Città Mondo Association Board of Directors, Milan Department of Culture and Contact Person for the Rights and Equal Opportunities section.
She founder and still spiritual guide in Milan of Suryanagara-Ashram.
President of The World Community of I. C. & T.D., of C.U.I.D.Y. Confederazione Ufficiale Italiana Di Yoga and the (I.Y.C) International Yog Confederation of Delhi (in association with the Ministry of DoNER of India). Co-Founder and Ambassador of the World Movement of Yoga and Ayurveda, and Patron of the IECSME (which deals with emancipating the Indian small Villages).

Following a personal and introspective trip into Sanatana Dharma, Emy Blesio codifies a Yoga, referred to the millenary tradition of this discipline, which in 2009, the Indian gurus, in Gondarmau (MP), saidthe native village of Maharishi Patanjali, they defined Yoga Paripurna "Yoga complete, total, full " wich she adopted to define her way to propose Yoga

Nel 1998, after the creation of a big event "Artists for Peace-Gandhi 50 years later" in 1998, Emy Blesio started a series of big events (to spread Indian culture, philosophy and Indian arts) "Il festival dell'India: l'Oriente incontra l'Occidente" which later becomes "MITICAINDIA" scheduled every year from 2002 until 2016 in Italy and then continues in Spain in 2017 and 2018. In meanwhile, she also creates another event (included in MITICAINDIA), the spiritual Symposium "Rays of One Unique Light", that join the various eligious-spiritual lines in an armony of mutual respect.
In India, in Bhopal (MP) she organize with Indian public bodies, the MahaRishi PATANJALI WEEK CELEBRATION dedicated to the legendary Yogi compiler of the Yoga Sutras (who is said He had been born in Gondarmau, near Bhopal) and it go on every year since 2010.

In Suryanagara-Ashram school, Emy Blesio proceeds with the training of Yoga Paripurna Teachers focusing on her mission: "To bring to the light the traditional teachings", and this precious Discipline into own original essence, the one taught by the great Sages and Yogis of the millennial tradition.
During the last 20 years she has published her experiences in 12 books.

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Gisa Franceschelli - Delegate
Chieti (CH) - 07/04/1958 - Viale Vega, 68 – 00122 ROMA
+39 347 3738130 - Email:
Pedagogist, Yoga teacher for adults and children and Teacher trainer.
He began studying and practicing Yoga in 1972, at the age of 14.
Teacher in the Primary School from 1983 to 2016.
Qualified to teach foreign language (English) in primary school.
Graduated with honours in Pedagogy (Sapienza di Roma in 1987).
Full yoga diploma with Maestro Roberto Mattei, Yoga and woman with Barbara
Woheler, pranayama courses with Maestro Antonio Nuzzo.
He followed and continues to follow Master Amadio Bianchi in Ayurveda and
Yoga therapy;
She attended yogaratna courses of Maestra Gabriella Cella. Seminars of the Master of
Yoga and psychoanalyst Willy Van Liysebeth, seminars and meditation courses with Father
Antony Elennjemtan and Master Ramaswarupananda;
Professor of Psychology and Human Sciences at the "Giulio Verne" Social and Health Institute of
Rome from 2016 to 2019.
Currently professor of Human Sciences in the Classical Lyceum and of Human Sciences
“Anco Marzio” of Ostia.
Second Level in  “Reiki Usui”.

Yoga and Yoga trainer for children and adolescents since 2004. Since 2006 carries out the same teaching activities also in the ASD Sattva Yoga, Ostia (RM), of which she is president.
Teacher in Yoga courses for teachers in public schools: "Principessa Mafalda" of Rome, "Chief of Arms", "Caio Duilio" of Ostia, "Giulio Verne”and“Anco Marzio” high school of human sciences in Rome;
She thought in common classes, full-time classes, and supplementary activities (such as
Psychomotor and yoga teacher), in module classes and as a specialist teacher for the foreign language (English).
She has used the techniques Yoga as an educational and training support with their own classes.
She published an article in the XIII issue of the semi-annual magazine of Psychotherapy and cognitive behavioural rehabilitation "Il Pendolo" with the title: "Lo Yoga at school with children”.
He participated, with the writing of a chapter on yoga in primary school, in the publication of the book by Maestro Amadio Bianchi “Apprendere dal passato, vivere il presente e prepararsi al futuro".
Speaker at the international conference "Mythic India" on the topic "Yoga in the school"
1-4 July 2011.
He participated by guiding practices or making demonstrations with his class:
- YogaFestival in Pescara presenting "yoga at school"
- Rome Yoga Festival June 2011 bringing the students of her class who represented: “Myths between East and West”;
- Speech at the conference: “Yoga and Ayurveda, health and wellness, philosophy, science and
Psychotherapy "in Rome, March 2012, in which she participated with her class.
- Yogafest in Barletta year 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019 on yoga at school, on
Chakra and on Pranayama
- Yoga Festival in Cisternino and Boiano

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Ilija Daov - Representative
Ilija Daov born in Strumica, Ul. Karaorman 27  Makedonia
Phone: 00389 77724449

I start with yoga practice in 1999. Twelfe years ago I finished my first 200 hours Hatha Yoga Pradipika under protection of teacher Pavlos Hasanagas, and many seminars (form 2007 – 2012, Struga 7 days, Krushevo 5 days, Ohrid 4 days, Veles 2 days, Krushevo 3 days, in Skopje, Strumica
In Sombor, Serbia – 200 hours Hatha Yoga, teacher Fabian Parishkic

In  Rishikesh, India (Himallayan Yoga Association)  - 100 hours Ashtanga yoga & Vinyasa flow. I have to mention teachers: Himanshu Joshi, Ajay Dhasmana, Parveen Sunil Sharma, Yashpal Rautela, Ram Negi….

In Rishikesh, India  (Ayurveda massage centre – Panchkarma treatment, Kerala style)  - 100 h
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Stefan Ivanović - Representative
Tel: +38263202404

Stefan Ivanović - yoga instructor, student of specialist studies at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, co-founder and president of the Center for Soul and Body in Nikšić.

Stefan was born in Niksic in 1994. In his early teens, he discovered yoga with his father and mother who were practitioners, and after high school he decided to enroll at the International Yoga Academy for the training of yoga Instructors in Belgrade. His father joined him in that, so as an unusual tandem for Balkan area, they finished the Academy in 2014 and started classes in Nikšić.

Together with his family, in 2014, he founded the Center for Soul and Body and became its president. Through the Center, he cooperates with many experts in the field of personal growth and development and provides people with comprehensive support in finding personal balance and development.

He is actively looking for new experiences and perfecting his knowledge and skills. He enrolled at the Faculty of Sports and Physical Education in 2015. As part of his studies, he was on student exchanges twice, the first time in Finland and the second time in Slovenia. He is currently  enrolled in education to become Certified Personal Trainer in the National Academy of Sports Medicine, organization from United States of America.

In addition to the yoga classes he regularly holds at the Center, he currently works as a personal trainer and advocates a holistic approach to human.

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Amandio Figueiredo - Representative
Starts Yoga practice in the 60s, along with other arts and Eastern practices.
From October 1982 onwards he started to study and practice Oriental Arts in the school of Georges Stobbaerts - Tenchi International
Is founder of several associations of Yoga and other Eastern Art.
Knows the Ayurveda in the 80s, and initiates studies and training in Ayurveda in 2003, getting training in Ayurveda during 4 years.
Travels several times to India, and Europe, and others Continents which deepens the knowledge in Ayurveda and Yoga.
Participates as a practitioner and trainer in some European Yoga Meetings, in Zinal, Switzerland
He participates in the preparation of meetings of the EUAA in Germany, being a founding member, and is a full member.
He is a founding member of several Ayurvedic institutions in Portugal.
He directs and teaches the discipline of Ayurveda in various Associations and Health Schools in Lisbon and Santarem.
He is teacher of Yoga in the Teacher Course of the Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU
He is the Director of Department of Ayurveda and Yogatherapy (DAYT) of Portuguese Yoga Federation-PU

Andrey Lobanov - Representative
Yoga LAM (Russia)

    • physician (psychotherapist, cardiologist, resuscitator, reflexologist),
    • yoga master with more than 40 years of practice (since 1978),
    • yoga teacher with 35-years-experience,
    • yoga therapy and traditional health systems specialist,
    • the founder of science school for human research,
    • the author of Yoga LAM-system - yoga of the modern world.

Andrey Lobanov is one of the founders and leaders of yoga community in Russia, yoga master with a unique path and experience, who started his yoga practice and research in Soviet time, when yoga and other oriental practices were forbidden.

Andrey Lobanov’s school became the first official yoga school in USSR and Russia (1983). He found a way to legalize yoga in Nizhny Novgorod region and played an important part in making yoga legal all over the country.

In 1989 he founded the first yoga teachers training school in Russia, which is 2002 became the “Academy of traditional systems of health care and human development” and got the license of Ministry of Education for yoga teachers training.

He also was the first in Russia to work out yogatherapy educational courses, which were included in curriculum in foremost medical higher education institutions.

Vast experience in yoga, ancient and modern medicine, studying different philosophical and scientific systems enabled Andrey Lobanov to create a unique multilevel system “Yoga LAM”.

It is based on principles of classical yoga Patanjali, research of scientists-innovators and original technologies and practices, worked out by Andrey Lobanov (mental self-regulation, Homeopathic Yoga LAM, etc.).

“Yoga LAM” is aimed to help modern human to govern himself and his own life, to give him effective technologies for self-exploration, self-healing and self-development, which make him free and independent from different manipulators (political, ideological, commercial, etc.), to develop ecological consciousness, which help us to overcome ecological crisis and save the planet.


Alexeevskaya str. 41, Nizhny Novgorod, 603005, Russia

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Maja Milićević ex Popov - Representative
The teacher of transcendental meditation, master in sports management, the founder and the owner of the Holistic Academy Maya and School for Yoga Teachers Maya.
She got introduced to meditation and yoga at the age of 13 and five years later she graduated as the youngest teacher of yoga and transcendental meditation in Ukraine and Switzerland.

Maja is the founder of the Holistic Academy Maya in Belgrade, established on the Unity of Eastern Wisdom and Western medicine. She gained the Vedic knowledge from one of the foremost TM teachers of today, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM, Ayurveda, Vastu & Yoga). She specialized in therapeutic yoga and individual training approach with Yogacharya Jadranko Miklec and successfully teaches and shares her skills in the school to many students and professional athletes.

Maja studied the ideal system of exercises for the spine with Maharishi Swami Dev Murti. Pulse diagnosis and Marma massage she learned from Dr. Ernst Schrott, director of the Academy of the German Society for Ayurveda. NLP and 20 life coach techniques she trained with Dr Nada Kaiser and Dr Vesna Danilovac.

Maja has developed and designed therapeutic yoga techniques and individual approach according to the individual physiology, age and health condition. She has published two books and two DVD's. She is married and has a son, Marko.

Exercise without proper nutrition, surrounding, way of thinking and living, is simply not enough. The most important thing is to learn proper exercise, breathing techniques and have a positive boost.

tel: 0038163558981

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Snežana Radojičić - Delegate
Snezana Radojicic was born in Prilep, Macedonia, in 1960. After completing secondary medical school, and acquiring knowledge that will later be significant for her professional yoga, she graduates from the Faculty of Philosophy in Skopje.
She met yoga more than two decades ago when she began her continuous work on her and long dealing with this discipline has made her begin working as a yoga instructor. Her training was related to India where she stayed several times for a several months period. In India, she gained additional knowledge by attending courses and schools in the fields of yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda. She graduated from the College of Therapeutic Yoga by attending 500 hours at the Asana Andiappan College of Yoga Research Center, Chennai, Hatha Yoga Teacher Training School by Dragana Loncar, as well as The Instructor School at AbhayaranyaYogpeet in Rishikesh, Yoga & Reiki School Teachers School in Shri Sant Sewa Yogu Ashram (Himalayan Yoga Academy), a course for Thai Yoga massage at Sunshine House in Greece. On several occasions, she stayed and gained knowledge in the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center, Iyengar School in Omkarananda Patanjala Yoga Kendra. She attended the Iyengar yoga classes at the Ramayana Institute in Pune, Iyengar School in Yogabyas - Matunga near Zubin Zarthoshtimanesh, and Iyengar Yogashraya School in Mumbai. She attended the Ayurveda classes at Swazha Ayurveda Clinic in Kumily, Kerala. Traveling to India and attending classes in prestigious schools has identified her choice to dedicate herself to therapeutic yoga. She wrote about her journeys and yoga in several magazines that came out in Serbia and the region, and she was a guest on television on that subject.

She has been a member of the Yoga Alliance and the European Yoga Federation for several years. She is also a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

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Anna Galovicova - Representative
Chairman of Slovak- Indian Friendship Society,  Chairman of Slovak Anti-Poverty Network and Executive Coordinator European Anti-Poverty Network in Brusells, Coordinator  of Project
Current Role or Position:
Dr. Anna Galovicova is  Founder and  Chairman of Slovak Indian Friendship Society and Coordinator of the Projects.  As  Director of Mental Health Centre  in Liptov-Jakubovany she has been leading Training for the Psychophysical and Psychospiritual Awareness and she develops, and quality enhances the Relaxation and Stress management  training methods, and the team responsible for  implementing Preventive Health Projects and  Restart projects during pandemics COVID-19. Dr. Anna Galovičova is  Yoga Teacher -She has been running yoga courses in many towns in Czecho-Slovakia last 52 years.

Dr. Anna Galovičova is Chairman of Slovak Anti-Poverty Network and Executive Coordinator European Anti-Poverty Network in Brussels.
She is  Co-Founder and Chairman of Parliament World ´s Religions – Slovakia.

Trainer Certification:
Universitas Carolina Pragensis, Charles University in Prague – Mgr. Anna Galovičova Clinical Psychologist  (1975),
The International Institute of Integral Human Sciences, Montreal  - Fellow of the College of Human Sciences (1988),
Universitas Carolina Pragensis- Philosophiae Doctoris, Charles University in Prague – PhDr. Anna Galovičova – Doctor of Philosophy.(2009)
Licensed Trainer in the Rehabilitation, Yoga  and Meditation,  India (1994).
In 1998  Dr. Anna Galovičova became the member of Slovak Medical Society . Coordinator and Trainer  of the Training courses for Effective Communication in an international context, Conflict Management, Intercultural Learning on a cognitive, an emotional and a behavioral level for Personal Growth. (2004)
In 2009  Dr.Anna Galovičova  was rewarded by Who is who World  society corp. in Encyclopedia of personalities in Slovak Republic.

In 2002  she was declared as Patron of Wooden Greek-Catolic  Church St. Paraskieva in Dobroslava  with  Michal Kovač - President  of Slovak Republic. 
In 2014 The Parliament of the World´s Religions  in Chicago, USA certify that Anna Galovicova is recognized by the Parliament  as an Ambassador
In 2015 she was recognized for her peace activities by  Peace Women  World Federation and titled  as Ambassador.

Corporate Training Experience:
As a Trainer for Psychophysical and Psychospiritual Awareness and clinical psychologist Dr. Galovicova ´s experience spans Europe, Asia, North Africa, North America .  Since  1985 - 2016 Dr.. Galovičova has been guiding Yoga Courses both for physicians, nurses, physiotherapists  and patients, she  was  involved in the successful  research Yoga Application in Treatment of Ankylosa spondylitis. And she became Yoga Pioneer in Slovakia.  Together with Doc. MUDr. Jarka Motajova CSc and Indian Yogi Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda she iniciated and implemented  the Program „Innovation of Rehabilitation by Yoga“ in Piešťany Spa.  They put into practice yoga   exercicing  to the Slovak Spas for doctors, physiotherapists.. Since 1999 – 2004 As the Director of Harmony Clinic in Trenčianske Teplice Spa, Dr.. Galovicova worked directly with clients and patients from the Czech and Slovakia and foreigners. She implemented research about impact of yoga-exercicing on Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual Health there . In  Piesťany Green Tree Medical Institution for Children suffered by serious illnesses as scoliosis, juvenille artritis, poliomyelitis she implemented  impact of yoga exercicing  on  juvenille patients with medical team under the guidance of Olga Boldišova M.D. (2003)
Dr. Galovicova also has strong interest to bridge East and West, Europe – Asia way of thinking, way of living, mental software. She is Founder of Slovak – Indian friendship society,   the first NGO in Slovakia after Fall down Totalitarian Regime(1990). By her scientific work Study Application of Yoga in Daily Life for Psychic Development of Human approved at Charles University in Prague 2009 she contributed to new branch of Psychosomatology discovering and using in (self-) healing process body-mind relation. In 2009 she was rewarded by Who is who World  society corp. in Encyclopedia of personalities in Slovak republic.  More than 50 years she has been investigating and applying yoga  into mental and spiritual development of human.
In 2010 she achieved Certificate of Participation . Mrs. Dr. Galovicova Anna has participated in Symposium Positive Psychology  in Prague, Czech Republic signed by the Founder Prof. Dr. Seligman 

Dr. Galovicova joined International Institute of Human Sciences in Montreal  Canada, India Heritage Research Foundation based in Rishikesh, where she helped build cooperation in youth sector, especially inclusion of disadvantagend youth  and  to help grow team of trainers and volunteers. Since 2004 – 2015 Dr.Galovičova has been coordinating the European Youth Projects and Training courses  focused on Healthy Lifestyles,  Psychohygiene, Protection of Life and Nature,  in more than 10 countries to educate Trainers. Slovak- Indian Friendship Society hosted 12 long-term volunteers from Netherlands, Czech R., Germany, Egypt,  France, Turkey, Italy, India, Litvania, Finland.

Since 1985 - 1992she worked at State institutions  Town Cultural Centre ( MsKS Piešťany ) as Pedagogical and Educational Teacher (plus Yoga Teacher), after Fall down Totalitarian Regime as Director of Town Cultural Centre in Piestany. Dr. Galovičova established branch of “Non-Violence Society”  during Velvet Revolution in Piešťany.
Since 1978 – 1980 she worked as clinical psychologist    in Reeducation Centre for asocial youth where she developed applied psychology and mental health prevention especially  for asocial youth. After Slovakia became  EU member state (2004) Slovak – Indian Friendship Society received accreditation of European Commission for European Voluntary Service in project Protector of Life as Hosting organization and later Sending Organisation , too. More than 50 international projects has been implemented with partner NGO ´s in EU and other countries as Turkey, Egypt, Georgia, and Ms. Galovicova brings new perspective to better use the mental potential and hidden power in human through intercultural learning and braking prejudices, stereotypes, xenophobie, fear from distant cultures and different way of thinking. She published with her team the textbook Multicultural education - not only for pedagogists( 2009) both Slovak and English Version.  In 2012 she published textbook not only for the teachers Help and don´t fight! Based on project for middle schools students and focused on development of personality, overcoming Darwinism.
2014 Slovak-Indian Friendship Society and The Islandic Sibshops implemented Project All in the same boat for the Sibshops, brothers and sisters of handicapped ones and she published textbook All in the same boat (also in English).
In 2017 she published book Yoga  - Yesterday, Today and Tommorrow, based on Thesis, focused on mental and spiritual development through Yoga.
She has worked with client organizations in addressing needs   Over the years, she has worked with private companies as Continental Puchov, Slovak Post, Educational and Government Organizations, Schools, Universities, State Spas and Medical Institutes  in Czech and Slovakia, Europe, India. She signed Memorandum of Cooperation in the Field of Culture, Education, Health, Social Sphere, Sport and Free-time Activities, Youth with Partner Organisation Indian-Slovak Association in Slovak Embassy in Delhi 2019.  Charles University  and Yoga Academy, Slovak-Indian Friendship Society  cooperate with Ramana ashram in South India and other ashrams in Rishikesh, Jaipur, Jadan, and Tibetan Monasteries in Dharamsala and  South India.
During Ms. Galovicova’s time a sustained increase of inner harmony and self-discipline. Many clients recognized power of thought and body – mind relation and reached inner transformation with the side effect – physical, mental and social health.
Language Fluency:
Mgr. of Psychology Charles University, Prague 1975, PhDr. Doctor of Philosophy Charles University, 2009

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Boulahfa Mimoun Abdel-lah - Representative
Birth date: 16/12/1948
Birth place: Morocco
Diploma in tourist companies. 27/7/ 1979 University of Salamanca (Spain)
Diploma in Business Studies. 17 /6/ 1965 University of (Salamanca Spain)
Diploma Specialist in Foreign Trade 25 February 1993 (Salamanca Chamber of Commerce)
1965 Melilla (Africa) Beginning of practice in Yoga
I contact the F.I.Y and its members in Porto. XVII International Convention - Euro Yoga 2003.
Diploma of Yoga Pandit (2003)
- International conferences and courses in various countries on different continents
Master Yoga by the International Yoga Federation (8/10/2005)
Master Yoga by the Argentine Yoga Federation (12/10/2005)
Master Yoga by the European yoga federation (16/12/2007 
Ayurvedic therapist 2010. Brasil “Escuela de Yoga Brahma Vidyalaya (E.Y.B.V)

II European Yoga &Ayurveda Congress 2006
I European Indian Dance Congress 2006

Vice president of World Movement for Yoga. Milan January 2007.-
European yoga Federation, Executive Counselor Representative 2007
Organizer of the First World Yoga Congress 2019. Sponsored by the Embassy of India (Madrid)
Ambassador and member of Global Council of the world global Community 2020

10TH Dan Okinawan Seidokan Karate Kobudo Europe (2/2/2020)
9Th Dan Okinawa karate Goju Ryu Seibukai Europe (16/3/ 2009)
8th Dan Motobu Udunti Kobujutsu Europe (22/8/1996.

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Edy Bampa - Representative
Born in 1970 in a very spiritual family that was practicing Karma yoga in the community where he lives, this opened her mind to the preciousness of each person and the connection to the soul.
In 2005 meet the Ashtagna Vinyasa Yoga and start falling in love of the hatha yoga practice, going deep of the practice also with teacher training with Manju Jois the son’s founder of this discipline, but also David Swenson and Mark Robberts.
In 2010 the desire to understand the traditional yoga philosophy push her to star the teacher training with Emy Blesio Mahamandaleshwar Pandit Yogacharini Swami Gayatri Devi reaching in 2013 the 600h CUIDY and in 2015 the authorization to train new yoga teachers.
In 2013 opened a Yoga Center “Yoga dinamico e naural Wellness” in Lugano where she lives, offering many yoga lessons, events, and retreats in collaboration with about 15 teachers and therapists.
In 2015 start the Yoga Teacher training School offering three years of yoga study, and soon also Master in Pre and postnatal yoga. The school star good collaboration with distinguished teachers like Swami Emy Blesio, Swami Amadio Bianchi, Silvia Nicodano, Purnanada Zanoni and other so had the possibility to offer also Master of Children Yoga, Master in Yoga Therapy, training in Ayurveda, study of Sanskrit, study of Kashmir Shivaism, training in first and second series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, study of Funcional Movement.
In 2017 the desire to go deep in the understanding of the Anatomy for yoga and the Tantra Philosophy start a new Anusara Yoga training completed in 2020 with 500h with Ezgi Fisher. During this course meets also Bill Mahony and Andrea Boni with who did also intensive study of tantric philosophy, Bhagavat Gita and Meditation. Starting the study of anatomy with Maya Keller, followed with some deep course with Tom Mayer about anatomy for yoga, fascia understand and stretching, with Doug Keller about yoga Therapy and Tiffany Cruikshank about anatomy, fascia release and meridians. In the meantime, reached also a diploma of Restorative Yoga with Anna Ashby.
Edy is certified Confederazione Italiana di Yoga 600h and former teacher, Anusara Yoga 500h, E-RYT200 RYT-500, continuing education YACEP, Restorative Yoga 26h.
She also participate in Radio and Television programs as yoga expert in RSI Radio Svizzera ITaliana, Radio Fiume Ticino, write articles for magazine and newspaper like “Il Corriere del Ticino” and participate with large hatha yoga lessons in Yoga Festival Milan-Italy.

Yoga Dinamico e Natural Wellness
Via del sole 20
6963 Pregassona- Lugano

Telefono: 0041-76-756 0174

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Guru And Master Yogi Baba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk - Representative
Guru and Master Yogi Baba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk stayed and attended many training programs and learned yoga from various teachers, healers, gurus and masters all over India and in the Far East for 10 years many years ago.
In 1996, he started to teach Yoga in Istanbul, Turkey and in 1997, he established and founded a Yoga school which he named after one of his Guru’s school, SIDDASHRAM YOGA CENTER. He is the doyen master who started and spread yoga in Turkey and in 2012, he founded the non-profit Yoga Foundation in Turkey.
He owns an authentic ashram in Alanya Taurus Mountains, Antalya, Turkey where he teaches Classical Spiritual Raja Yoga together with his wife and the other Master of Siddashram Yoga Center, Madame Lourdes J.D.Çabuk. Other than teacher training programs, they also host Yoga purification camps in this ashram which is the only authentic ashram in Turkey. Guru and Master Yogi Baba Adnan Ananda Siddviho Çabuk has an autobiography called “Without Disturbing the Silence-The Life Adventure of a Mesopotamian Yogi” published in 2008 and Madame Lourdes J.D.Çabuk has a book called “Yoga for a Beautiful Face” published in 2011.
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Master Madame Lourdes J.D. Çabuk - Delegate
Banu İlker - Delegate